Trinidad & Tobago

Governance Associates chosen expert consultant

Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago

The Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago has chosen Governance Associates as its Expert Consultant to the Joint Select Committee on Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Bill.

The consultancy will see Governance Associates working with the Committee from time to time and on a 'needs basis' through the following activities:

* provide in depth knowledge of the Gambling and Gaming Sector in various jurisdictions; and

* critically analyse the Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Bill, 2016 in order to examine the effectiveness of the proposed legislation.

In addition to gambling policy & law expertise, the capacity to extensively liaise with the Select Committee and maintain confidentiality were considerations in the selection of Governance Associates.

Governance Associates truly independent

The Joint Select Committee has recognised the nexus between many gambling consulting companies and gambling test houses. The risk of cosy relationships or straight out bias leading to potential conflict-of-interest has been reduced as a Governance Associates is independent from all test houses and has no agreement or relationship with any test house.

Governance Associates Director Alan Pedley said, "Governance Associates provides independent expert advice to gambling regulators world-wide. Our independence from test-houses means that we can provide frank, fearless, and independent advice to governments and government regulators. Many other consulatncies do not have this degree of independence".

Governance Associates truly expert

Many Governance Associates consultants have specialised in gambling law and gambling regulation for more than 25 years each. Both as government regulators and as consultants to government regulators.

Our consultants are expert in the full spectrum of gamnbling and gambling regulatory considerations.

"Governance Associates is a natural fit for this project", said Alan Pedley (Director) speaking from the Asia-Pacific office in Melbourne Australia, "we are excited by the oportunities this brings in our involvement but more importantly to Trinidad & Tobago. We are a CARICOM company focussed on bringing tier 1 expertise and knowledge to emerging jurisdictions. We have been consulting to Caribbean governments and regulators for more than a decade".

Governance Associates recognises the particular needs of non-G20 countries in establishing internationally visible and credible casino, gaming, and wagering industries. Governance Associates have assigned a policy and legislation expert (Tony Clark) to get this project started.

Trinidad & Tobago adds to Governance Associates Caribbean clients

In addition to our European and Asia-Pacific clients the Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago joins Saint Lucia Gaming Board; St Kitts & Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC); Jamaica Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC); Antigua & Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC); and Antigua & Barbuda Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) as regional clients.


Whether its a horse racing industry, wagering legislation and regulation, casino legislation and regulation, slot machine legislation and regulation - let Governance Associates provide the expert services needed.

Published 2018-03-18