Gambling regulation & compliance

Independent experts

The pitfall of "independent" consultants

Many so-called independent gambling regulation consultants, especially where technology is involved, assert "independence". But independent of what? Certainly not independent of a pre-conceived outcome and excessive dependence on test and certification.

Why might this be? These so-called "independent consultants" are part of, or aligned with, "independent test houses" which test and certify gambling systems. The companies derive extensive revenues from exhaustive tests and certification requirements. Often requirements they themselves promoted as "independent consultants".

A conflict of interest? Of course it is a conflict-of-interest and it does not serve the govenment, regulator, operators, or public interests. Systems are tested and re-tested with each iteration, imagine if our computers were "independently" certified every time there was an operating system or application patch, this is the equivalent to some "best-practice" advice offered by some "independent" consultants.

Test houses derive revenue through testing & auditing not from functioning operations

Our consultants have been regulating technology centric gambling industries since the early 1990s - including technical experts developing the Australia & New Zealand National Standards for Gaming Machine Control; regulating the world's first regulated online betting operations; and regulating the world's first regulated online gaming operations.

For governments & regulators

If it was left to independent test houses these industries would still be undergoing test, audit, certification, and re-certification. Instead sound regulatory practices with partial, not entire, reliance on test houses allowed safe implementation of public policy (safe, fair, accountable operations with associated employment and revenue calculation and collection)

Our consultants devised regulatory standards and certification methods applied to the Danish gambling industry. These methods are recognised as world's best-practice. The methods utilise test-houses without excessive reliance on test houses.

Independent consultants focussed on customer outcomes, not profits through certification and re-certification.

The bottom line is your jurisdiction can have experts who are truly independent of the costly test & certification sector - Governance Associates.

For vendors & operators

Manage test houses with expert technical advoctaes - Governance Associates. Keep those certification scopes, timelines, and costs under control.

The bottom line is your company does not need to be held ransom by independent test houses - use Governance Associates.

We know! Our consultants wrote requirements and programmes for several online gambling regulators, in this domain our consultants have led the world for decades!

Other services

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