Senior Consultant @ Governance Associates 

George Frangoulis

Racing & betting regulation

George has been working and consulting in regulatory and compliance in the racing and betting industries since 1997.

He was responsible for the regulation of on-course, online, and pari-mutuel betting in the Northern Territory and South Australia. George is an experienced investigator with extensive knowledge of on-course racing operations and regulatory oversight.

Chief Steward / Chairman of Stewards

As Chief Steward (and Chairman of Stewards) George had total responsibility for the management and control of the greyhound racing industry in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Responsibilities included:
* sole management and control of greyhound race meetings;

* managed and trained employees associated with greyhound racing, including stewards and club officials;

* intervened and resolved conflict situations involving registered persons and on-course patrons;

* investigated and resolved betting disputes between on-course patrons and bookmakers;

* conducted, managed and developed the grading of NT greyhounds;

* developed and implemented changes to the Greyhound Racing Rules; and

* liaised with, patrons, registered owners and trainers, media, interstate control bodies, Councils, Darwin Greyhound Association, and the Northern Territory Racing Commission to assist in the effective conduct of greyhound racing.

Racing Inspector (Racing Gaming and Licensing)

Ensure the integrity of wagering operations.

Assessed racing industry licence applications and associated probity investigations;

* audited bookmakers' transactions and assessed electronic betting systems;

* reviewed bookmakers' rules of betting and conditions associated with licences;

* ongoing assessment of bookmakers' independent audit log facilities to ensure integrity and compliance with licence conditions;

* investigated and applied legislation, including making recommendations regarding ongoing legislative needs in respect of regulatory/compliance issues;

* prepared reports for the Minister and Racing Commission on the state of the industry; and

* on behalf of the Minister, prepared responses to letters and emails from the public, press and licensed race clubs.

Consumer and business services - Senior Investigations Officer

George contributed to the effective and efficient implementation and monitoring of compliance programs administered by CBS and provide timely, effective and efficient investigations of a critical and complex nature into alleged offences against the legislation administered by the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs.

* undertake complex investigations pursuant to legislation administered by Consumer and Business Services;

* develop and implement monitoring programs in accordance with the relevant legislation;

* prepare written submissions and evidentiary briefs of a high standard;

* obtain and present evidence that will withstand judicial scrutiny and support successful prosecution, disciplinary proceedings or other appropriate action; and

* attend Court and give evidence as required.