Principal Consultant @ Governance Associates 

Patrick Allison


Mr. Allison has accumulated extensive experience in directing and managing IT organisations and projects. Patrick has successfully led teams ranging in size from 3 to 25 and managed projects up to $3-5M. A blend of management, technical, applications and regulatory compliance experience enables Patrick to effectively manage IT organisations and projects. Specific areas of expertise include:

* Project Management

* IT management

* Online gaming industry regulations, requirements, and processes

* Project audits & recovery

* IT organisational management & reviews

Since 2000, Patrick has been extensively involved in the regulated online gaming industry and has consulted and worked for online gambling companies in Canada, Antigua, United States, Australia, Cyprus, and Panama.

The following summarises a material gaming project under each expertise listed above, indicating responsibilities, accomplishments, and benefits achieved.

Project management

Cryptologic was a software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries. The Internet gaming industry had been moving toward operating in regulatory environments and Cryptologic was required to prepare its company products, infrastructure, processes and procedures to conform to the associated jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

* Patrick managed the effort required to take their casino and backend applications, infrastructure, documentation and processes and procedures and make them compliant to the gaming regulations in a number of gaming jurisdiction. This was a formidable task since the systems were custom built with little to no documentation and the culture was very secretive with respect to information about the applications and the infrastructure.

* Cryptologic products certified in the following gaming jurisdictions:

o Australia;

o Isle of Man; and

o Alderney

* In addition, Patrick project managed the Cryptologic product implementation for Littlewoods and The Ritz Club in the Isle of Man gaming jurisdiction, once it was certified Cryptologic was the first gaming company to be licensed in the Isle of Man gaming jurisdiction.

IT management

Sportsbet is an online gaming company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Patrick was hired as the IT manager tasked with preparing and implementing an IT improvement strategy to ensure the organization would be ready for the 2007 Melbourne Cup and beyond.

* Restructured IT business functions / roles and responsibilities

* Established a problem logging and tracking system, incorporated it extensively into the day-to-day operation of the IT organization, and integrated it into the unique Sportsbet development methodology

* Improved corporate communication with the IT department and departmental representation by establishing an IT Steering Committee

* Formalized development methodology and established a full suite of IT documentation maintained

* Documented and implemented Sportsbet's Information Security Policies and Guidelines

* Managed and directed the design and implementation of a fully redundant, robust technical infrastructure

* Obtained PCI and AML certification

* Relocation of the data centre and offices in Melbourne and Darwin

* Ensured preparedness for the upcoming Melbourne Cups by:

o Extensive Load Testing,

o Extensive internal network monitoring

o Disaster / Recovery Plan and Implementation

* Initiated many application improvements to the legacy betting platform including database optimization

* Managed the IT due diligence exercise done by Paddy Power for purposes of acquisition - this resulted in the acquisition of Sportsbet by Paddy Power in September 2009

Patrick and the IT team were instrumental in the success of Sportsbet and the subsequent acquisition by Paddy Power. Over the next three years, the business grew 100% year on year culminating with the 2009 Melbourne Cup processing 335,000 bets, 44,600 active customers, and 1,426 Max bets / minute. Sportsbet was acquired in 2005, for approximately $250K and it was acquired by Paddy Power for over $338M.

Online gaming industry Processes / regulations

Aydogan Gaming and Software Services, a Cyprus-based online gaming company, decided to take their gaming product to the European market under the Alderney online gaming jurisdiction. I was contracted to manage the effort required in the preparation of the Internal Control Systems, the network infrastructure, applications and the process and procedures necessary for certification.

* Ensured corporate-wide compliance to Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)gaming requirements

* Conducted and documented a Threat and Risk Assessment, with particular attention to anti-money laundering risks and controls

* Managed the design and implementation of a fully redundant network infrastructure, including a hot disaster / recovery site, in Guernsey

* Managed the Compliance Office and IT resources on the Compliance Project and coordinated the project with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

* Establishment of company-wide policies and procedures and ensured continual improvement to them

* Prepared the Internal Control System (corporate structure, accounting, customer registration, and computer controls) necessary for compliance

* Designed and managed the implementation of a Compliance Office Reporting System, which minimized the effort required to meet AGGC reporting requirements

* Managed and prepared extensive supporting documentation

Through Patrick's regulatory experience, IT background, communication skills and ability to work closely with the IT department, Risk Management department, Compliance department and senior management, we were able to have the product certified by December 2011.

Project audits & recovery

IGW Software, a software development firm located in Miami, was contracted to develop a new online sportsbook platform and to integrate the new platform into two distinctive markets - US market and UK markets.

The project was a number of months behind schedule and I was brought in to review the project and provide recommendations to get the project back on track. My responsibilities included:

* Reviewing the project plan, development methodology, documentation, team resources, change management procedures, project deliverables;

* Provide an audit report of the project and provide recommendations;

The report, although tough for the CEO to swallow, was the catalyst needed to make major changes in the development approach for the product. I was contracted to assume project management responsibilities and I implemented most of the recommendations in the report to get the project back on schedule.

IT organisational reviews

Parley Entertainment is a supplier of Gaming software for the Internet and was established in 1998. Although Parley was developing implementing product into licensees, there was a distinct lack of planning and cost control for the projects undertaken. I was responsible establishing and maintaining the Project Management Office (PMO).

* Review the current business functions, processes, current project management techniques and control systems in the delivery organization;

* Recommend and implemented a project management methodology;

* Established and maintained the Project Management Office (PMO); and

* Recommended and assisted in implementing a time reporting system, project reporting system and associated processes and procedures for the organization's employees and contractors.

The PMO has significantly improved the development and delivery of Parley's products and services and has allowed them to take on significantly more licensees for their products.