Principal Consultant @ Governance Associates 

Tony Clark

Policy, legislation, & compliance

The principal focus of my working career has been the development of government policy and associated compliance systems.

As a member of the Public Service, my role was the development of policy and the preparation of legislation and other instruments to implement that policy.

The policy areas I have been responsible for are extensive, and include:

- Amendments to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act (Jamaica)

- Write Gambling Act 2017 (Antigua & Barbuda)

- Rewriting the Charities laws in NSW (Chief Secretary's Department)

- Gambling laws in NSW (Chief Secretary's Department, later renamed the Department of Liquor Gaming and Racing)

- Gambling, especially internet gambling, and associated business laws in the Northern Territory (Department of Industries and Business), As Director of the Department of Industries and Business, I was responsible for the National Competition Policy review and reform of all business laws. I have Chaired or been a Member of numerous National Committees in Australia associated with gambling reform:

* Chair, Australian National Working Party on Interactive Gaming

* Member, Australian National Working Party on Interactive Wagering

* Member, Senior Officials Group Supporting the Australian Ministerial Council on Gambling

* Member, Senior Officials Group Supporting the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), in respect of gambling.

* Member, Australian National Working Party into Gambling Research

* Member, Australian National Working Party on Responsible Gambling

The above list is not exhaustive.

I have been involved in the development of internet gambling policy and law reform since 1995, when internet gambling first emerged as an issue for governments, and helped draft the Draft National Regulatory Model for Interactive Home Gambling, one of the first schemes in the world for regulating internet gambling.

I was the Chair of the Group that developed the AusModel, ("Uniform Standards for the Regulation of Interactive Gambling") in 2001, the key elements of which have now adopted by several European countries.

My roles in the Public Service have focused on compliance and regulation, advising both Ministers and Heads of Departments on appropriate responses to issues and incidents.

After joining the private sector, my principal role was the formulation of policy positions with respect to interactive gambling. This has required submissions to, and interaction with, State and Federal Governments (most recently on proposals to protect the integrity of sports), and bodies such as the Productivity Commission, Australian Crime Commission, Australian Sports Commission and Austrac, as well as sporting, racing authorities across all States and Territories, and community groups interested in gambling issues.

I was most recently a member of the AUSTRAC's CEO's Consultative Forum, [AUSTRAC is Australia's principal anti-money laundering agency], and the Executive Officer of the Australian Internet Bookmaker's Association.

I have presented at numerous Conferences, and provided evidence to Commissions and Australian Senate inquiries into numerous aspects of gambling law and practice, importantly, from 1995 onwards, I have either been involved with, or been required to maintain a close watch on international developments.

My roles in the private sector have also had a major compliance focus - designing internal systems to ensure corporate compliance with national and international laws. I was the principal point of contact for major compliance issues and queries.